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Hearing Evaluations

Hearing evaluations are offered daily by appointment. This is what you may refer to as the "hearing test".

Latest Hearing Aid Technology

Cutting edge devices that can connect directly to your TV, land phone, or cellular phone.

Hearing Aid Repair and Service

We repair all brands of hearing aids, even if you didn't buy them from us.

Hearing Aid Evaluations

At the hearing aid evaluation, you and your audiologist will determine which type of hearing aid is best for you and your unique needs.

Welcome to Ace Hearing Centers

Ace Hearing Centers carries a full range of hearing aids from a variety of top manufacturers.

Customized Services

Customized Services

Our services are customized to your needs and your lifestyle. We begin with a Hearing Health History and Hearing Evaluation. We listen to your hearing needs and develop a program for improving your hearing that is tailored to you. This Communication Needs Assessment is essential in developing a profile of your individual needs and making sure our recomendations are right for you.

Your unique profile tells us the specific nature of your hearing loss and allows us to determine the best components for your individual Communication Enhancement Plan. If hearing devices are indicated, we recommend those that fit your specific needs. We educate you on the nature of your hearing profile, give you some practical communication strategies, set you up with a fun, computer-based program for auditory training and show you other devices that can help you with cell phones, television, telephone or other music systems.

Oticon Hearing Aids


We guide you in choosing the technology that gives you the improvement you need in a size that is comfortable, in a shape that is easy to handle and in a finished look that is cosmetically appealing. Technologies vary in the benefit they provide and the way in which they enhance your hearing. They also vary in shape and size, with some fitting in the small recess behind the ear, some in the bowl portion inside the ear and others fitting deeply in the ear canal. The latest designs are: behind the ear, receiver (speaker) in the ear, half shell, completely in the canal, and invisibly in the canal.

The Hearing Center testing room


Connectivity is a series of devices that help you connect to a wide variety of communication and entertainment applications – transforming your hearing aids into a personal wireless headset.

ConnectLine enhances communication across the board. Face-to-face conversations are clearer and easier to control. Watching TV, listening to music, video chatting and talking on the phone are clearer than before. ConnectLine is the one solution that offers the most connectivity opportunities in one system

Oticon Brain Hearing


Oticon hearing instruments with BrainHearing technology are designed for your brain, supporting the hard work it does. BrainHearing helps you hear better, with less effort so you can participate more actively in life. When the sound signals from your ears are compromised your brain has to work even harder to fill in the gaps. This extra effort can take its toll. In fact, studies have shown that, over time, hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression. Recent studies show that “following conversation in noisy situations” is the number one challenge for people with hearing loss*. BrainHearing technology solves this problem by working in harmony with your brain to improve your ability to understand speech better, and focus on what’s important even in complex listening environments.

Meet Our Doctors of Audiology

Ace Hearing Centers' licensed and board certified audiologists are trained to evaluate your hearing using the latest diagnostic equipment.

"Meeting the challenges of the hearing impaired for children and adults for over 40 years." - Dr. Louis Sieminski

Hearing Care Is Health Care