Success Stories

What people are saying about care at ACE Hearing Centers

To help you understand our commitment to helping people with effective and personalized solutions to hearing loss, we share feedback from a selection of our patients.  We are gratified by their appreciation and their kind words of acknowledgement, but most of all, we are pleased to have been able to successfully help each person achieve a better quality of life.

At ACE Hearing Centers, we take pride in carefully considering the individual needs of every patient and family. We address your hearing care with compassion, technical expertise, and advanced technology with the goal of improving your hearing health and quality of life.

“We are very satisfied with ACE Hearing Center in Bloomsburg. Dr. Hale and her staff have always given us prompt, friendly and professional service. In fact, we have recommended family and friends to utilize their outstanding service because of their personal care and concern for their patients.”  Katherine and Jack Mulka, Bloomsburg PA

“The examination was very professional with very good explanations about my hearing aids. Everyone was very polite at the office. I was well satisfied. My daughter also attended my initial examination and was impressed with the entire visit. They were thorough and even had patience with my mother.” Lois J. Kepner, Hughesville PA

“The first thing I do in the morning is put my hearing aids in. I don’t want to miss the sounds I never really heard before. What a joy to hear bird songs and the other higher-pitched sounds I have been missing. Bottom line: WOW!” Philip B. Trapane, Bloomsburg PA

”I’ve been with ACE Hearing Centers since February 8, 2012, and it’s the best MOVE I ever made. I now have digital devices and the sound is awesome. The audiologists and staff are very professional and make you feel very important when you walk in. They really meet your needs and keep you informed of any changes. I am a very satisfied customer.” Millie M. Hill, Montoursville PA

“Finally, properly fitted! I am very pleased with the service provided and appreciate the courteous, capable and caring staff.” Leroy O. Diehl, Millville PA

“I was personally introduced to ACE Hearing Center’s service at a time in my professional life when it looked like early retirement might be the only answer due to my hearing loss. My hearing loss began in my early twenties due to a recoilless anti-tank military weapon. With my first hearing aids I could hear birds singing for the first time in thirty years. What is it worth to hear someone from across the room? And not to ask, ‘What did he say,’ or ‘Huh?’ My recommendation is, do not go another day missing the sounds around you.” Dr. Jerry Rhodes, Chiropractor, Hughesville PA

“I am a client of many years and have found everyone SUPER in providing service. They do everything to make your hearing aids perform at their peak. Thank you all!”   Clara DeRose, Bloomsburg PA

“I am a longtime customer and patient of the Bloomsburg ACE Hearing Center. The staff there has always been extremely professional and friendly. I have chosen and purchased several generations of hearing devices there and am very satisfied. I recommend ACE Hearing Centers to anyone seeking hearing impairment help.” Lewis Griffiths, Bloomsburg PA

“Everything about my experience has been positive! From the first visit with Dr. Hale I have felt cared for, respected and supported. Christine Woods-Henderson, Williamsport PA

“My hearing aids from ACE Hearing Centers are the best I have ever had. I don’t know what I would do without them!” John Yodock, Bloomsburg PA

“To say thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for all the help that Dr. Hale and staff have given me. Dr. Hale tried several different options to get the best fit and size for me, and she didn’t give up. Thank you again.” Marilyn Evans, Muncy PA

“During the past nine years you have always been there for me. You would even fit me in at the last minute for repairs. I feel you are very dedicated to your patients.” K.E.S., New Columbia PA

“I had heard an NPR commentary about how hearing aid technology has improved compared to about five to ten years ago which interested me, because I didn’t wear my hearing aids purchased about ten years ago for any negative reasons. I now have a 3-year-old granddaughter, and I could not understand her high-pitched voice or what she was saying. I did not want to miss out on hearing what she was saying to her Pop-Pop. So I purchased a new set of hearing aids from ACE Hearing Centers which provided me with positive results. I can now hear my granddaughter, hear music better and people at meetings that I attend.  It’s opened up a world of sounds that I haven’t heard for a long time. ACE Hearing was most helpful to me, guiding me through initial testing, selecting my hearing aids and providing their subsequent test and set-up period to suit my hearing needs. I am most grateful to ACE Hearing.” W.F.G., Huntington Mills PA

“I have worn digital hearing aids for the past 15 years. Dr. Hale and her staff at ACE Hearing Centers continuously provide me with prompt and courteous service. They stay up to date on the latest technology in hearing devices and work hard to service patient needs.” P.D., Bloomsburg PA