Your Follow-Up Care

Routine Office Visits

Routine office visits are provided at no charge within the manufacturer’s warranty period. We schedule office visits every six months to clean and check your hearing devices and make sure they are performing optimally. If your hearing loss or hearing preferences change over time, the audiologist will make adjustments to the programming of your hearing devices. If needed, we will schedule appointments in between your six month check-ups at no charge.


Batteries are provided at no charge for the lifetime of your hearing devices. Batteries need to be replaced approximately every 1-2 weeks. We provide a supply of batteries when you come in for your routine office visits. If needed, you may pick up batteries at our office without an appointment.

In-house repair

If a hearing device is not working, we will attempt to repair it in our office. If we are unable to repair the device in-house, we will send it to the manufacturer. Most new hearing devices come with a standard 2-3 year manufacturer’s warranty for loss, damage, and repair.

Updates on hearing technology

Hearing technology is always improving with research and development. We keep our patients informed about new technology whenever it is released, and periodically provide in-office listening demonstrations.

**You will need to be seen by an audiologist at least once per year in order to receive free batteries for your hearing devices.