Your First Visit

Before your Appointment

In preparation, we recommend that you choose the person who will accompany you to your appointment. That person might be your spouse, or a family member or a friend. We also suggest that you think about the main areas of concern with your hearing and be ready to talk with us about them.

We will send you a packet through the mail that includes a pre-visit questionnaire, directions to our office, and information about our practice. We will ask that you bring the questionnaire with you to your appointment. You can also find this form as well additional forms in the Office Forms section of our website.

Your Appointment Day: A Thorough Conversation about Your Hearing

You can expect your first appointment to last between 60 and 90 minutes. We believe that having a full understanding of your unique situation will be beneficial in identifying the right solution just for you. We will sit down and discuss your concerns about your hearing and answer all your questions. We will discuss what kinds of situations you have most trouble with, what you would like to improve about your hearing, and other factors of importance to you and your family. For that reason, we also encourage you to bring a family member, a spouse or significant other or a friend with so that we can gather information from them as well.

Your Hearing Evaluation

After the discussion about hearing, we will conduct your hearing evaluation. There is absolutely no discomfort. During the evaluation, we will look at the health and function of your outer, middle and inner ear. The results tell us the type and severity of your hearing loss, which helps us determine our recommendation for you. If medical evaluation by an otolaryngologist (medical doctor specializing in the ear, nose and throat) is necessary, we will refer you and help you arrange your appointment.

Your Personal Device Demonstration and Trial Period

If hearing devices are recommended for your hearing loss, we will provide a listening demonstration in our office so that you are able to get a sense for what they can sound like and feel like in your ears. Our doctors of audiology feel this is a very important part of your visit with us. All hearing device purchases include a 30 day trial period.